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what we do

Educate first world students about poverty, wealth distribution and what it takes to empower individuals to make a living wage (K-12)

Educate students, teachers, and the public about responsible consumption, fair trade and purchases that create equity and justice

Work with schools to develop fair trade fundraising projects that are meaningful, socially responsible, contribute to living wages, and are successful in raising money as well as awareness. Fundraisers include catalog sales of fair trade merchandize instead tradition fundraisers such as, of magazines, candy and wrapping paper.

Teach students the goals of micro-lending, and encourage class projects in lending to third world families

Socially Responsible Fundraiser

Our fundraisers have three objectives:

• Raise money for your school or organization
• Teach students about fair trade and global poverty
• Create markets for artisans in developing countries

Market Street Traders offers a unique opportunity to raise funds for your group while raising awareness and support for Fair Trade goals. When you use our Fair Trade Gift catalog to support your cause, you also support communities in the developing world that are working to end poverty, sustain the environment, and preserve their cultural heritage. Some local Seattle groups who have used our catalogs for their fundraising efforts:

• Northwest Girlchoir Winter 2008
• Northwest Girlchoir Spring 2009
• Ballard High School music department
• Madrona K-8 Fall 2008 Fundraiser
• Madrona K-8 Spring 2009 Fundraiser

All items offered for sale are the highest quality and the great majority are handcrafted of materials found locally in the country in which they were made, by individual artisans. Clothing, food, beverages, tableware, jewelry, stationery, toys, sculpture and home decor from Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Indonesia -- all over the world -- are represented.

Follow the link to the catalog to see a sample of the current issue (printable pdf). If you would like further information, contact Market Street Traders at (206) 838-3340.